Danelle Wozniak is a compassionate lawyer experienced in handling many types of family law cases including divorce, legal separation, establishing paternity, related adoptions, orders of protection, custody disputes, and child support.

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Whether you are facing marriage difficulties or have found yourself in the position of a defendant in our court system, Danelle can help sort out the facts and present favorable options.


The legal term for a “Divorce” in the State of Illinois is “Dissolution of Marriage.” Whether you are contemplating this step or the legal process has already begun, you may have questions and concerns about your rights. 

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Often the most emotional issue that arises in a divorce case is custody of the children. Illinois operates with two types of custody situations, joint custody and sole custody. Most cases are resolved by agreement  ...

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Paternity is the legal establishment of a relationship between a father and a child. Paternity cases deal with children that are born out of wedlock and establish the father and child relationship.

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